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Updated: Feb 2, 2022

I think it's time for a newsletter because I have so much to tell ya!

In this issue, look forward to:

  • an invite to a Patriot Night Out! Sat, July 17th in Lone Tree (Invite & Ticket Link)

  • an opportunity to get involved with CO GOP’s Election Integrity efforts.

  • an update on local school board endeavors!

Hi friends!

If you are getting this newsletter, you must have signed up in the Free Faced in COLORADO Facebook group! We started in April when it seemed like this “new normal” was here to stay. Disheartened by that, I decided to start this group and I know for many of us it was such a relief to see that we were not alone in this crazy fight! I still cannot believe we are over 6K strong!

It was crazy, wasn't it! There seemed to be no end in sight- then out of nowhere... in preparation for the ALL STAR GAME, Tyrant Polis loosened up the mandate and now most places use the “honor system” if you are not vaccinated....but get ready! It seems like the fight is coming right to our doorstep…. Literally!

We all heard the news that the Biden administration wants to go door to door to make sure those who are not vaccinated "have the information they need to get vaccinated"… as if they’ve been living under a rock?

I’m sorry but If people aren’t vaccinated at this point then they’ve kinda made their decision haven’t they? .....It's pretty creepy how forceful this administration is.

I can’t even call them liberals, it offensive to the actual word so let's be honest, it truly is Marxism and it's creeping into all facets of our life. HHS Secretary Becerra said it's “Absolutely the governments business’ to know which Americans haven’t been vaccinated” … “We try to give people as much freedom and choice as possible”

Good Lord! As if they are the givers of our freedom!! If that type of mindset doesn't scare you I don't know what would! It seems at every corner the left is going farther LEFT so now more than ever Colorado’s ‘Center Right’ needs to get involved in some way or another to say NO!! This is NOT ok!

I do not understand why or how the left does this so well. It's probably because they love power, so this march for them is strategic and as we can see here in CO it is all-encompassing. It's far past our time to push back and get involved. For me it was Feb 2020 where I jumped into county politics. I became a Precinct leader first and had no idea what I was doing! A year later, in Feb. 2021, I ran to be a part of the executive team because I saw how much they need new ideas and young blood in the game. Guys, I stepped out of my comfort zone and off my keyboard and became Arapahoe County GOP Secretary! I can tell you first hand your party needs you!! We can’t fight this by ourselves!

So how do we do this? How do we fight Marxism locally?

1) First step

Connect with other patriots and build your community! I’m so serious it's time to join groups and meet new people! It's time to donate some time or resources to the FREEDOM cause! If you are anything like me, COVID really changed some old relationships so it's a great time to build new relationships with people who have the same value system as you! I realized the party of FREEDOM works best when our community is engaged and connected with each other and I have to say conservatives are some of the nicest people!

With that said I would like to PERSONALLY invite you to join me

  • Saturday, July 17th at 7 pm in Lone Tree at The Clock Tower Grill!

Arapahoe County GOP is team up with Douglas County for a FUNraiser! We are having ourselves a good old fashion night out! So join us for some food, drinks, and fun! It will be a great place to meet friends and possibly enjoy some karaoke! … Don’t worry though, karaoke is about fun and community so there is no pressure! You don’t have to be a singer to join the fun! I’m sending you a personal invite because I would LOVE to meet you in person vs just interacting on the interwebs!

Here is a link to purchase tickets:

Proceeds will go to our county's efforts in electing Republican candidates!

Oh, man!

Hold up!

I feel like I just heard a bunch of you say “There's no hope in electing Republican Candidates if we still have Dominion voting systems”

I feel your struggle with the voting system, I truly do, and I am watching like a HAWK all the forensic audits happening in other states - I cannot wait to see what happens!

But why is it not happening here? It's because we don't have the right people in those in CO, we have Dems in control so our fight looks different. We cannot let up and just drop the ball we will be left with nothing! We MUST work hard to elect the RIGHT republicans

So how do we do that THIS election cycle? You join Colorado's Election Integrity Committee and become an election judge in your county or in another one that needs you! They will train you how to find discrepancies and how to correctly address them, knowing what your rights are in those positions!

Here is a link to sign up Election Integrity

Being a constituent who is hands-on is so much more powerful especially in this climate.

We need to remove Sec. of State Jena Griswold and our Governor. As well as get as many R’s into local positions so we can remove Dominion and untether ourselves from Marxism one powerful step at a time!

Ok, so maybe I do need to do these more often because I still have so much to tell you about! School boards! But to be honest… I’d rather end before I make this too much longer!

You are going to be so proud of how some of us FREE FACE PARENTS are standing up to this CRT/Equity doctrine. Like I was saying earlier, these Marxist ideals are creeping into every front of our lives so it's time to push back in TRUTH & LOVE and we can only do that if we lock arms and do it together!

I will be following up in the coming weeks with information about local school districts and other ways to get involved! Don’t forget the first step is to join me at karaoke! Hahaha! I truly hope to meet you in person next week in Lone Tree!

Feel free to follow my INSTAGRAM and thank you for signing up for this newsletter! I am ready to mobilize and I can't wait to do that together with YOU!

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