Hi Friends! Welcome to our website! Things look a little different here because we are shifting our efforts to fight for our kids in Cherry Creek School District! There are 3 specific things we are combating:


  • The covert implementation of a CRT agenda

  • Parental rights regarding transparency

  • Medical freedom in terms of vaccine/mask mandates.

Common sense is not being heard in the Cherry Creek School District so join our efforts with making our voices heard! Sign up for our newsletter to know how you can help us! Click below!

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Children are 
NOT oppressors

In an effort to STOP CRT an awesome opportunity presented itself to partner with the Colorado Republican Party to design this shirt. 


 Children are not oppressors and the ideals that CRT pushes on our children to be either oppressed or oppressors needs to stop. 


Schumé designed this shirt with the memory of a childhood song she learned at Sunday school. Red & yellow, black and white their all precious in HIS sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world!

Support our fight to stop the implementation of Critical Race Theory in our schools and get your shirt today!